Traditional Altrincham Restaurants

There are lots of restaurants that are going to serve traditional food in Altrincham. The culinary traditions of Altrincham are not hugely different from the culinary traditions that people are going to see in England in general. ‘Pub grub’ is very popular there, and people are going to appreciate the traditional fried meats and breads that they would have gotten years ago along with a fine selection of ales. Some people are going to want fish and chips and roasts and other more traditional British fare when they go to Altrincham restaurants, while other people are going to be on the lookout for vegan food or health food. It should all be represented in Altrincham. There are a lot of great choices here.

Swan with Two Nicks

Even the name for this restaurant is extremely British and not the sort of restaurant title that people are going to find anywhere. Swan with Two Nicks is a restaurant that is literally going to serve people steak and ale pie, which is not something that visiting people from the States are going to get all that often. Even the atmosphere of Swan with Two Nicks has a certain traditional British feel to it. There will certainly be people who insist that it does not have ‘real’ traditional British food, which is the sort of thing that is always going to happen under these circumstances. However, Swan with Two Nicks has food that is real enough to the local people and tourists.

Oxford Road Cafe

This is a place where people are going to be able to get Welsh rarebit with poached egg, which is definitely not the sort of dish that they would be able to find anywhere. It’s truly the sort of restaurant that is going to allow people to get a sense of the local culture. The staff members are all really warm and friendly, and they are going to give people the proper greeting all at the same time. People who travel here during the holidays are even going to be able to get traditional Christmas pudding, which might be the sort of thing that people will travel to England for specifically.

Axe & Cleaver

Axe & Cleaver is a British pub that is also going to have the gluten free options that some people are going to want or need, so it is truly going to give people the best of both worlds in that regard. There are plenty of people who want traditional food like fish and chips, a dish that has managed to survive a lot of the recent health crazes these days and which is going to make all the difference for the people who can’t get enough of rich British dishes that have survived for centuries. The roasts are just as good here. However, there are also healthier options for the people who are more conscious of that sort of thing. Axe & Cleaver is a restaurant that exists in both the modern world and the world of the past at the same time.