The Best Bars in Altrincham

Most of the time, when people go on vacation they would rather choose places that are going to have plenty of entertainment so they are having fun instead of being bored. A great way to enjoy themselves is by going out to a bar and enjoy a few drinks while meeting the locals that live in the area that the tourist is vacationing in. Altrincham is one of the best places for this particular type of entertainment. If you want to expand your horizons and not just walk around shopping then try out of the best bars or pubs that this town has. Listed are the top five bars and pubs that are in Altrincham that everyone enjoys going to and relaxing with friends, family, or co-workers.


Wyevale Garden Cantre

This certain business is not actually a bar or pub but it has made it onto the list because of the excellent food and cakes along with the drinks that are served here. Many people have reviewed the restaurant as five stars because the workers are kind and treat the customers with respect. They are handicap accessible which is terrific for those people in wheelchairs that want to get out and enjoy themselves just as much as anyone that does not have any problems. The business has lots of space so the disabled are able to maneuver their chairs around with no problems. Wyevale is also kid friendly. They have a loft area that is for children to go in and play so they are occupied while waiting for the food to arrive. If the tourist is on a family vacation then this is going to be a great place to sit down and eat at with their children because of the loft space they have. Most businesses do not even think about small children not being as patient as adults so they have nothing to help occupy the child with. This cafe does think of the children though as you can see.

Belgian Bar

Customers enjoy going here for the laid back atmosphere and the ice cold drinks. Many enjoy going during the winter because the business provides an open fire to keep nice and cozy while visiting with friends and family. The staff here is extremely helpful and go above and beyond for their customers. It will be an enjoyable experience and you will definitely want to return if you are in the area again.

Navigation Hotel

This bar has been rated highly. Many people say it is a wonderful place to have a few drinks and to eat a great meal. They host offers on their menu for certain food items every day. Anytime a restaurant will offer steak on their daily special menu, many people are not going to turn that offer down. The pricing for drinks and food is very reasonable and that is another reason tourist will enjoy going to this place of business. It not only will save money but will also give them a place to enjoy their evenings.

The Vine Inn

This is not going to be a place that someone would want to take their child into. That is because the bar has others that use vulgar language but, the food here is terrific if you want to go in for lunch one day. That is the only bad thing about this place, they only offer a food menu for lunch hours. The drinks are the best and very cheap so it is a terrific place for those who want to visit and are on a budget.

The Old Packet House

This one is number one because their food and drink service is one of the absolute best. They provide you with fresh food that is hot every single time. In the colder months, they build a fire and customers can enjoy the cozy feeling of the atmosphere while they are here. The customers love they can get a home cooked meal without breaking the bank.

These five places have raving reviews and would awesome for any tourist that is going to be passing through this town. They are going to have a wonderful time and enjoy themselves to the fullest. If money is a problem then that will not matter at any of these places listed since they are actually very cheap.