Altrincham is a market town in Trafford England that was established in 1290 as a market town. In the 2001 census it had a population of 4100 people and then increased to 52419 in 2011. This town was established in 1290 when the economy of the town was depended on agriculture more than trade. As of today, there is still a market that has survived to date. Today this town is known as a very good commuter town because of the many connections there are from there to other towns around the country. It is now the home to a very well know football team Altrincham F.C.


This town’s history dates back to the invasion of England after the Romans left the country. This town was developed when de Masci created his own Borough Charter which in turn created the town Altrincham. From then the town which had Roman roads pass close to it grew to be one of the best market places in the country. Over the years there was a lot of activity that went on in the town all of which led to it growing as centuries went by. The history of this place is very rich which therefore makes it a very good place to go for a retreat as a family or with friends.

There have been very many buildings and other structures that can still tell very well a story of the historical events that have taken place in this place. The town has preserved all this to ensure the stories are tolled over and over again as generations come and go. This is good as it helps store up the history and save it for future.


This town is found in the Southwestern edge of Manchester and to the south of Sale town. I is about 13 km from Manchester which makes it very easy to access the city via train or bus. It is also found South of River Mersey and the Bridgewater Canal passes through the town. All this locates the town in one of the most beautiful geographical areas there is out there. This place is well situated as a very good place for various celebrations such as weddings and family vacations. It is one of the major urban towns in Trafford which hence assures you of availability of all the necessities one would want.

The scenery

This town has been endowed with some of the most beautiful places one would want to see and visit. The town has a lot of evidence of the rich history it has. From the towers and houses that were used by the Romans to the invasion by the Normans and on and on. A milestone along the Barton Bridge and Moses Gate turnpike road near Eccles, showing the spelling of Altrincham is a good example of some of the history the town has.

Other than the history in this place, there is also a lot of beauty around the whole place. From the river to the north of the town, to the green lawns in the city. All this has been a major attraction to very many people who choose to visit the town for vacation and to relax. There are hotels established there all of which are there to give you a very good time. The town’s weather being temperate really makes the whole thing even much more better as now you can have various occasions such as weddings outside and enjoy the great view of the city.




The culture in this place has its origin from a very long time in the past. Over time, the traditions in the place have really brought people together which has led to the community in the town being one that is close knit. From the fact that some of the ancestors of the people in the place were really from the Romans who settled there and the Normans who invaded the town making it their own, this place really many memories for most of the people here. The culture of sports is also well engraved into these people. This is one of the very few towns in the north to still have an ice rank. Because of this, this town is a major attraction because of the hokey tournaments that are held here. There are crowds that travel from very far around the country to witness the games on this rank. The rank here holds a crowd of 2500 people.

Other than that, there is also the football club, the Altrincham FC that has played very many times on the English non-league tournament. This is one of the towns joy and remains a great part of it.

There is also the rugby that was introduced in the town in 1879. The Kersal RUFC is also another team that carries with it a lot of the town’s history which has in turn been a major part of the town too.

Vacations and ceremonies e.g. weddings

There have been many weddings that have been held in this place. This is even by people from out of the town. This is because of how good a place this town really is. From the scenery to the history, the town gives you a good story that everybody really wants integrated into their lives. Because of this, there are very many hotels and event places that have come up and now conduct these businesses. This has really made the town well known around the world which is very good. Tourism is one big thing in this town and has led to the diversification of the town.

This town is one of the oldest towns there is in the country. There is so much history surrounding it which makes it a very core part of the town. This is a great part of England as a country. Because of the culture scenery and the history in the town, there has been a lot of tourism in the town whether local or foreign. This is a town that many people have been encourage to actually visit and get a first-hand experience of how good it is.