Things to do & Days Out near Altrincham

1. Altrincham Market

Some people who really love shopping are going to enjoy the Altrincham Market. This is a flea market, a farmer’s market, and an outdoor eatery all at once. People who like an old-fashioned and yet modern market are going to love the Altrincham Market.

2. Art with a Heart, Arts and Heritage Centreart

There are entire art galleries here for the art lovers in a group or family. This is also a great place for people who have kids and who want to give their kids something involved to do while everyone is on vacation. Most people are going to have a much easier time keeping kids entertained at places like this.

3. Dunham Massey Hall & Gardens

Almost anyone who is visiting this part of the world is going to care a lot about history, and the Dunham Massey Hall & Gardens are truly exemplary for the people who are interested in that side of things. The gardens are gorgeous and they make for some very pleasant walking grounds. People can see deer nearby. Anyone looking for a beautiful place to visit in Altrincham should try the Dunham Massey Hall & Gardens. This is one of the greatest attractions in Altrincham.

4. Denzell Gardens

People who are looking for other lovely places to walk are going to enjoy the Denzell Gardens. These gardens are beautifully maintained and they really demonstrate the fact that horticulture is an art. These gardens are not as large as Dunham Massey Hall & Gardens, but they are comparable in terms of loveliness.

5. Altrincham GarrickAltrincham Garrick

This is one of the best entertainment centers that people are going to find in Altrincham. There should be lots of great shows here, and people are going to be able to really enjoy the atmosphere.

6. Code to Exit

This is one of the most innovative gaming centers that people are going to find anywhere, and adults and kids are all going to be able to have fun here. Exit rooms of all kinds are becoming more and more popular these days, and a lot of people are enjoying all of the possibilities inherent to them.

7. Mort Subite

This is one of the best places to go for the people who are interested in the nightlife of Altrincham. Altrincham isn’t really known for its nightlife specifically, but it still has a lot of great places for the people who are interested in seeing what’s there, such as the atmospheric and exciting Mort Subite.

8. Riddles

This is a bar that has been described as the best bar in Altrincham. When it comes to everything from the selection of drinks to the quality of the staff members, people are really going to be able to enjoy themselves at Riddles.

9. Rich Therapies

There are going to be some people who are specifically interested in relaxing and getting spa treatments in Altrincham when it comes to the things to do there. Rich Therapies is probably the best option for the people who are interested in spas and relaxation.

10. Silver Blades Ice Rink

People who really love ice skating and more active forms of entertainment are really going to appreciate the Silver Blades Ice Rink. This is truly the sort of attraction that is going to bring family members together.